Tilt Windows

Tilt windows are hinged on the bottom and open inward. Handle is located on the side or on top of the frame, depending on the dimension. Our tilt windows come standard with multipoint locking mechanism, operated by one handle. For hard to rich windows manual or motorised operating mechanisms are available.

  • Good for situations were no space is available to open the window inwards
  • No risk of head injury as it opens into the room on top, therefore ideal in deck and footpath areas.
  • Better security as the securing parts are harder to rich on the top.
  • Tilt windows come with more advanced hardware then awning windows, eg. adgustable hinges.
  • In some cases fully opening function can be incorporated (for ease of cleaning), depending on the dimensions of the sash.
  • Limited ventilation as they open only partially.
  • Can be difficult to clean outside if upstairs.
  • In case of emergency egress can be delayed or prevented due to limited opening.