Glazing Overview

EuroWindows come with almost endless glazing options. Starting from basic double glazing (4mm glass / 16mm air space/ 4mm glass) right up to high performance triple glazing with an R value of 2.0. Due to the sufficient depth in the glazing rebate of our PVCu profiles we can accommodate IGUs up to 48mm thick. This means that even with thick glass of 10 or 12mm we can still have optimum width of spacer bars of not less than 12mm (in extreme scenarios 10mm, but never less!), even with triple glazing. This is very essential, as airspaces of 8mm and 6mm should be avoided under all circumstances, as they not only compromise the thermal and acoustic performance of the IGU, but also create a risk of glass panes touching each other, especially larger panes in windy conditions.

Besides the various grades of thermal performance, further options are:
  • UV protective glass with or without tint
  • various levels of burglar resistance
  • high impact resistant and bullet proof glass
  • high level of noise protection glass right up to 52db
  • we can even supply glass with your company name or logo engraved and other laser engraved patterns
  • decorative glass and lead lights

All EuroWindows double or triple glazed units come with warm edge spacer bar as standard.