Interior Doors Overview
Interior Doors
Have you ever wondered why interior doors tend to jam or bang and rattle? Door handles going weak very quickly? The cause of jamming is that many timber framed houses tend to move between the dry and wet seasons, especially pole houses. The standard flush doors installed in most houses have a very tiny gap around the perimeter, therefore very little tolerance to accommodate these seasonal changes or changes caused by light earthquakes. They also come with tiny and weak locks installed on the building site. The springs which hold the door handles up in place are simply too weak due to its small size, therefore the door handles tend to hang down after a short time. The absence of rubber in the rebate of standard interior doors cause the doors to rattle and bang.

EuroWindows Ltd offer interior doors, which eliminate such problems by a bigger (but concealed) gap around the perimeter, stronger and better quality locks and door handles.

Advantages of German interior doors in summary:
  • Doors remain smoothly operational even if the house moves.
  • The hinges are adjustable to cater for even larger movements, which can happen for example with earthquakes.
  • No jamming, therefore no surface damage.
  • No banging or rattling due to standard rubber in rebate.
  • No weak or hanging door handles due to quality and long lasting locks.
  • All doors come factory finished as standard, out of a box complete with frame, architraves and hardware.
  • Easy to install. No time wasted with hardware installation, plaining, sanding and painting on the construction site.
  • Available in solid wood, wood veneer, hollow core or particle core for high noise insulation.
  • Finish options: factory spray-painted as standard or onsite paintable on request. Solid wood and wood veneer types can also come oiled, varnished or raw. We recommend factory finished for superior surface quality, which can never be achieved with site painting.
  • Big choice of classic, modern or full glass designs.
  • Huge range of handles and hinges in a variety of finishes and designs, from antique styles to timeless classic to ultramodern...
  • The German interior doors come in standard widths and heights for different wall thickness. Due to its factory finished state the doors can be installed at the completion of the building work, even after painting to avoid soiling and damage.
Due to the big range of different materials, finishes and designs available, interior doors are generally not ex stock. Therefore please allow delivery times from Germany of approx. 12-14 weeks.