Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters (hinged, sliding and roller) are very popular in Europe. The hinged shutters have been used since Ancient Roman times for some very good and practical reasons. The concept of stopping heat, wind, rain, cold and sunrays on the outside (before it reaches the glass and inside of your room) is by far more efficient than trying to shade or improve thermal insulation by internal solutions, such as thermal curtains or blinds inside the room. Once the window glass surface is heat up by sunrays, it acts like a heater!

Exterior shutters give you more freedom and great flexibility to choose when and how much of sunlight or privacy do you want in each room.

All benefits of using exterior shutters in a summary:

  • Effective protection from overheating in summer.
  • Exterior shutters further increase the thermal performance even of already good insulating windows in winter.
  • Exterior shutters further increase security. They can only be opened from inside.
  • With closed shutters our inwards opening EuroWindows can be left open even in rainy weather for ventilation.
  • Depending on the type of shutters, it can be used to black out the room if need arises. For example if small children or shift workers need to sleep during the day, home theatre, protecting precious art work from sun, keeping food out of sunlight in kitchen or food storage situations without cutting fresh air supply, etc.

The Roller Shutters we offer are all made of Aluminium with high grade of powdercoating or anodizing. Most common types are:
  • Top mounted
  • Front mounted
  • Fully integrated (usually min. 250mm wall thickness required)
Hinged and sliding shutters come in a large variety of options, designs and materials. Alternatively to the shutters, we can also offer exterior blinds, similar to Venetian, but with larger blades. This is a good solution if shading is the most important requirement. On top of that with our innovative partner like Beck+Heun we can also offer special blinds for internal and external applications For full information please see the website of our supplier Beck+Heun GmbH Beck+Heun GmbH