Tilt & turn
The German engineered tilt & turn system has become very popular around the world over the last 40 years. It has proven itself in all type of climates and harshest weather conditions such as alpine conditions, coastal & island conditions, in the tropics and other places with extreme high winds and severe weather. We believe the tilt & turn window is the most versatile and practical window to cover different functions desired in modern joinery. Therefore it's performance is far superior to awning and casement windows which often come with flimsy latches instead of secure locking points. Turn/tilt window hinges are three dimensional adjustable. No more jamming window frames! Operated with a single handle, it offers a reasonable secure ventilation tilt function. At the same time with the simple turn of the handle it can be fully opened or fully closed with the multiple locks. The hardware is fully adjustable and therefore years of smooth operation are insured. Additional bebefits are easy egress in case of emergency, easy cleaning of the outside and unobstructed view in opened position.

What made the turn/tilt window system so successful around the globe?
Only one convenient handle makes switching between the functions very easy!

Handle down, window is closed and securely locked Handle horizontal, window is openHandle up, window is tilted
  • Concealed hardware with multiple locking points offers very high level of security without the need for inconvenient push-locks or other additions.
  • Double rubber seal ensures superior noise protection and the draught free environment.
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Open window without obstruction
  • Quick and easy escape in case of emergency (e.g. fire)
  • Easy to clean on the outside without dangerous actions
  • Reasonably secure position for ventilation as the handle inside has auto lock mechanism to prevent unwanted visitors to open the window!
Made In Germany