Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outward.Handle is always located on the bottom frame. Our awning windows come standard with multipoint locking mechanism (operated by one handle) and stainless steel friction hinges.Different designs are available (please refer to our technical brochure). Please contact us directly for minimum and maximum sizes.For hard to rich windows manual or motorised operating mechanisms are available.
  • Good for situations were no space is available to open the window inwards
  • Limited ventilation as they open only partially.
  • Can be difficult to clean outside if upstairs.
  • Can be a nuisance in deck situation and footpaths, risk of head injury.
  • Limited security as their operating mechanisms and security featres are easier accessable from the bottom.
  • In case of emergency egress can be delayed due to limited opening. If security stays are fitted egress can even become impossible and put lives in serious danger.
    Made In Germany